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Unburger Grill LLC is a project of a food establishment dedicated to animal free ingredients. A place for the Vegan and health conscious consumer to enjoy a restaurant experience.

This Project and Foodpreneurship is the culmination of a life changing moment. One of those times when you get a kick to the stomach and all your breath is knocked out. For me, Christopher Scott Oliver that was cancer and diabetes. I found victory over both through diet and exercise. A diet that was plant based and life restoring. The time has come for humanity to embrace a plant based lifestyle. Unburger Grill is my labor of love to my community. A way to change and enrich the lives of everyone it serves. It’s our motto at Unburger Grill “To be the change we want to see in the world”.

Unburger Grill would not be possible without my 30 years of food service history and the support of amazing friends and family. My business partner and sister, Jane,  who has 29 years of professional healthcare experience. She is the bedrock of my emotional support.


grassroot supporter

Christopher S. Oliver


Executive Chef/Unburger Grill’s CEO & Founder

Professional Vegan Chef with more than 30 years of experience in food service.

“Join us for the Vegan Revolution by helping us reach our financial goals and making Unburger Grill a reality”

Jane Beckwith


Unburger Grill’s Co-Founder & JB Quality Outcomes CEO

Occupational Therapist with over 29 years of experience in Health Care.

Since my brother, Christopher, shared his life changing experience with Veganism and for these health reasons, I have joined him in pursuit of providing a Vegan Fast Food Choice, Unburger Grill.

We are closed right now, but be sure to check our store hours on the home page!