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My Story

Chris Scott Oliver

My story is not so different from most of the people living in Western Society. I was raised in Christian beliefs, Western values and with middle-income expectations of life. The result is I like you probably did not see the danger ahead until I crashed head-on into the wall.

I trusted modern medicine to be the answer to my health problems. Trusted Christian beliefs for my mental health and ignorance kept my bliss.

What’s that mean?

I went along eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) like all of you. Consuming massive amount of chemically laden foods. Downing excessive amounts of alcohol and brain-numbing sodas. Then at the age of 32, yes just 32. I was diagnosed with CANCER! Not just any cancer either, but Renal Cell Carcinoma. I beat the odds! I did for one reason and one reason only, GOD.

Renal Cell Carcinoma has 90% Death Rate.

You see and here I will lose some of you, I saw my cancer in a dream. That’s right, in a dream. That dream inspired me to get to a doctor. The diagnosis was so early. That surgery was a cure. I beat cancer by simply getting to it early. I had received divine aid. Saved my life, but became no wiser.

It would take another head-on collision before I started to wake up.

Six years later…

I was diagnosed with diabetes. Now there’s a word that is becoming so common. Who doesn’t have diabetes? That’s how it feels anyway in today’s society. It’s this disease that people just get, right? WRONG! I was starting to wake up now. Here is where I really encountered a dangerous truth. We are being lied to.

The information about disease and health is a carefully played game of misleading facts. Designed to keep you deep in the pocket of drug companies and healthcare providers. Don’t buy the lie.

In future posts, I will go into greater detail on my experiences, discoveries and how I saved my health.

This posts purpose is to allow you the chance to get to know why I am so passionate about Unburger Grill. It is my platform for speaking out. My place to build a community of individuals who don’t want to be just another statistic on a clipboard in a doctors office.

The greatest weapon we have against disease is each other.

Please join me and the growing numbers of others who want to take back their lives. It can start right here.

Join Unburger Grill. If you don’t join us, join someone. Together we can and will change the world.

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