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Vegetable Saute’

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Few things are as easy as a saute’. The combinations are endless and so are the results. This dish is one of my staples on the dinner table. As we enter the peak season for fresh and plentiful produce, a good saute’ is a must.

I like to start with avocado oil in a good hot pan. Avocado makes an excellent saute’ oil as it can take high temperatures. Into the oil, I add onions and cook till just starting to brown. Next, I throw in all my other vegetables of choice. In this dish, I used zucchini and yellow squash, two vegetables you can get year round. To this, I also added red bell peppers and cooked until the squash was just heated through. I do not like my veggies overcooked and mushy. At the very last I toss in a little minced garlic, seasoning and it’s done!

Simple and Delicious

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